Employee of the month

August, 2015


Mary Wickes

  Elvy Massoud
Teacher on Assignment, Admin Support
Ms. Wickes has been a great addition to the SES staff. She is willing to help students even on tasks that she is unfamiliar with – even for things like centers and small group work! She has a positive attitude at all times. No matter where she is on campus, or who she is working with and helping, Ms. Wickes positivity and enthusiasm remains the same. We are lucky to have her here!   Mrs. Massoud wears many hats on our campus and she represents each one with the utmost professionalism and hard work. She is always willing to help where and when needed and remains positive even when things are hectic. She is courteous to all, firm but fair with students, and welcoming to the community. She is very dependable, hard working, and organized. She is a great asset to SESD.
Congratulations, Ms. Wickes!   Congratulations, Mrs. Massoud!