Employee of the month

December, 2015


Virginia McHaney
Parapro, Migrant/McKinney Vento Coordinator

  Rosie Rodriguez
Language Arts Teacher
Mrs. McHaney has been contributing to SESD for many years and has worn many hats during that time including preschool director. She is willing to mentor others as they come onto campus, giving freely of her time and experience. She is very detail oriented and completes all of her work with thoroughness. She is kind to both staff and students, and always has a smile at the ready.   Mrs. Rodriguez began her career at SES as an aide in 1983 and since then has taught in a variety of positions from Kindergarten to 8th grade. After planning on retirement, she delayed that in order to take a science position, and then again this year has worked as the Language Arts teacher for the middle school. She has also served as the 8th grade sponsor. Mrs. Rodriguez is a mentor figure to new teachers and experienced teachers alike. We are proud to have her here at Stanfield!
Congratulations, Mrs. McHaney!   Congratulations, Mrs. Rodriguez!