Rainy Day Bus Schedule

On rainy days, it is too dangerous for the buses to travel down dirt roads. Parents will need to bring their students out to the designated spot on this paper. Any questions you can call Transportation (520)424-0238 or (520)424-3353 ext 238. The following rainy day schedule will be as followed when there is rain, water running in the wash, and when the roads are determined to be impossible for safe transportation. Please take your children to the stop closest to you.

  • Gray Route
    Stops that branch off Stanfield rd. Viavo Farms Carranza, etc.will meet the bus on Stanfield Rd. All villages will meet at entrance to each village on the main road. The times will be the same.

  • Black Route
    Padilla Road at 347 and Padilla at 6:45, Clayton at 347 & Padilla at 6:46, Smoketree at Smoketree & 347 at 6:50
  • White Route
    Green Wash & Hwy 84-6:30, Saddle Rock and Cactus Candy-6:40, Dreamy Draw and Saddle Rock-6:41, Shangri La and Saddle Rock-6:42, Guinn and Shangri La-6:43, Guinn and Paradise Palms-6:45, Guinn and Ash-6:48, Sierra Vista RV Park-6:48 Beggs, Montgomery, and Russell stops will be picked up at Sierra Vista RV Park

  • Orange  and Town Route
    No Change

  • Purple Route
    Oak and Robin-6:10, Pyramid House 6:15, Sotol & Warren- 6:20, Wildwood& Warren (Water Tower)- 6:25, Dune Shadow & Falton-6:30, Dune Shadow & Amanda- 6:35, Dune Shadow & Hickory- 6:40, Dune Shadow & Brower- 6:45, Amarillo Valley (water Tower)- 6:50, Amarillo Valley & Whirly Bird- 6:55, Ralston & Whirly Bird- 7:00, Wildwood & Ruby-7:05, Meadowview & Tejon-7:10, Meadowview & Canejo-7:15, Meadowview & Tusa- 7:20, Liebre-7:25, Venado & Tejon-7:30, Amarillo Valley & Hwy 84-7:35, Hwy 84 & Lopez-7:40, Hwy 84 & T&K Dairy-7:45

  • Blue Route
    Louis Johnson & and Green-5:55, Louis Johnson & Amarillo Valley-6:00, Miller(at the apartments)-6:05, Miller & Sage(Water Tanks)6:10, Warren & Barnes-6:15, Barnes & Sage-6:20, Warren & Roan-6:25, Camino Real & Warren-6:30, Organ Pipe & Warren-6:35, Barrel & Warren-6:40, Bitter Root & Warren-6:40, Century &Hickory-6:45, Century & Shirley-6:50, Century & Blade-6:55, Century & Diamondback-7:00, Javalina & Conejo-7:05, Javalina & Liebre-7:10,Javalina & Osa-7:15.


Thank you

Operations Director
Mark Heimberger
(520)424-0237 & (520)424-0238